For years, ʻthis guy I knowʼ wanders around the streets of Amsterdam. Seemingly effortless he adapts to his surroundings. He operated as a taxidriver, acted as a host at a nightclub. He worked in smoky pubs and high end cocktail bars. Feels at ease with the working class and high society. ʻWho got you these tickets to Beyonce? ʼ,ʼWhere did you find this plasterer?ʼ ʻDo you know anyone with a room for rent?' ʻWhat is a nice restaurant?ʼ Plenty of questions, but whom to ask?

ʻThis guy I knowʼ will fetch you concert- or football tickets. Heʼll put you on guest lists for the best clubs in town. He can make sure your daughter gets home safe, and will run errands for your grandma. Heʼll bring that bottle of wine to your business partner. Like to go to the museum, but no ambition to stand in the line for hours? Maybe a tour around town, by a professional guide?

Living large? Need a helicopter, private jet? Hotelroom for just you or your entire company? Incentives, bachelor parties or private dining? Been there done that.

ʻThis guy I knowʼ, knows a guy, who knows. ʻThis Guy I Knowʼ asks a compensation for all services (and expenses made). This compensation is non-committal, but in proportion to the delivered services. To compare: the minimum wage in the Netherlands is 9,52 euroʼs and the prime-minister makes 75 euroʼs an hour. ʻThis guy I knowʼ relations are based on: one hand washes the other. He is good for you, you are good for him.


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Lokatie Laurier
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